Department of Defense Directive 3000.07: Irregular Warfare (IW), August 28, 2014 [Incorporating Change 1, May 12, 2017]   [open pdf - 116KB]

Alternate Title: DoDD 3000.07: Irregular Warfare (IW), August 28, 2014 [Incorporating Change 1, May 12, 2017]

"It is DoD policy that: [a.] IW [irregular warfare] is as strategically important as traditional warfare and DoD must be equally capable in both. Many of the capabilities and skills required for IW are applicable to traditional warfare, but their role in IW can be proportionally greater. [b.] DoD will be proficient in IW. [c.] IW is conducted independently of, or in combination with, traditional warfare. (1) IW can include any relevant DoD activity and operation such as counterterrorism; unconventional warfare; foreign internal defense; counterinsurgency; and stability operations that, in the context of IW, involve establishing or re-establishing order in a fragile state or territory. (2) While these activities, whether undertaken in sequence, in parallel, or in blended form, may occur across the full range of military operations, the balance or primary focus of operations gives a campaign its predominant character. (3) Before, during, and after IW and traditional warfare, various programs, missions, and activities can occur that shape the environment and serve to deter or prevent war. These may include military engagement, security cooperation, deterrence activities, cyberspace operations, military information support operations (MISO), strategic communication, and civil military operations."

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Department of Defense Directive 3000.07; DoDD 3000.07
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