Cultural Intelligence: A Pathway for Emergency Responder Engagement with Ethnically Diverse Communities   [open pdf - 799KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The development of emergency responders' cultural breadth is critical to adapting to shifting societal composition, since emergency responders operate within culturally diverse environments and must effectively perform their duties. Addressing the challenge of entrenched cultural norms of emergency responders is imperative for effective and sustainable engagement. This thesis proposes using a cultural intelligence framework to assist emergency responders in this effort. Cultural intelligence tools may allow emergency responders to work more effectively in culturally diverse environments, directly improve relationships between government institutions and the community, and provide the medium for the growth of trust. This paper introduces a cultural intelligence model used in international business, as developed by Soon Ang, Linn Van Dyne, and other notable researchers. This model may be adapted for the emergency response community. This thesis includes an outline for the development of a cultural intelligence unit with the mission to develop emergency responders' cultural breadth, engage with key ethnic minority community stakeholders, and provide information pertinent to the diverse composition of the Los Angeles County Operational Area. Furthermore, this model is designed for ease in adapting to ethnically diverse communities nationally."

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