Peril and Promise: Emerging Technologies and WMD   [open pdf - 749KB]

"Emerging technologies are transforming life, industry, and the global economy in positive ways, but they also have significant potential for subversion by states and nonstate actors. National security experts, lawmakers, and policymakers have become increasingly concerned about the interactions among a number of emerging technologies that could alter and increase the threats from weapons of mass destruction (WMD). [...] To assess the impact of various emerging technologies, it is important to understand how they may be game-changers for state and nonstate actors actively seeking to develop WMD and for policymakers attempting to prevent the proliferation and the use of WMD. [...] In its multi-year study entitled 'Emergence and Convergence', the WMD Center will explore the risks, opportunities, and governance challenges for countering WMD introduced by a diverse range of emerging technologies. Toward this end, the WMD Center has developed an exploratory framework for first identifying the emerging technologies that will have greatest impact on the WMD space for state and nonstate actors and then for evaluating the nature of that impact on current tools and approaches for countering WMD. [...] The study will conclude with a report on its findings, a menu of options for addressing the risks and opportunities produced by emerging technologies for the WMD space, and specific recommendations to policymakers for getting the most return on investment across the menu of options."

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Emergence and Convergence Workshop. Washington, D.C.. October 13-14, 2016
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