Understanding the Threat Ecosystem: a Concept for Intelligence Support to Special Warfare   [open pdf - 859KB]

"The current US Army operating concept, as described in TRADOC [U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command] Pamphlet 525-3-1, states that the evolving global operating environment contains diverse enemies, employing traditional, unconventional and hybrid strategies that threaten the security and vital interests of the United States. In this dynamic and emergent threat environment, the United States National Command Authority will turn increasingly to Special Operations Forces to conduct Special Warfare activates in order to mitigate or eliminate threats before they metastasize. Intelligence support to Special Warfare activities is critical to ensure the effective conduct of these sensitive activities, but the foundations of US Army Intelligence still retain the essence of a Cold War focus, understanding a known enemy who follows known doctrine. The focus on a reductionist approach to intelligence problems, parsing issues into sub-categories, can lead intelligence professionals away from seeing bigger picture patterns and trends. Military intelligence professionals in a complex world with an amorphous threat environment need to understand problems from a holistic approach. Drawing from the discipline of complexity research, this monograph argues that Special Warfare environments, dominated by the human."

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