AFSOC Adopting A Globemaster View   [open pdf - 229KB]

"At present, AFSOC [Air Force Special Operations Command] lacks a heavy airlift capability to support special operations warriors. The author seeks to determine the most effective means to expeditiously transport special operations troops and equipment by examining the current process, interviewing several key AMC [Air Mobility Command] and AFSOC individuals, and developing long held beliefs. The current arrangement relies on support by Air Mobility Command to supply aircraft and aircrews to USSOCOM [United States Special Operations Command] units for direct support. This approach is flawed in two fashions. First, these AMC aircrews are restricted by conventional AMC regulations and command and control procedures. This creates a lack of experience and knowledge base within special operations units and AMC for effective decision making and control. Secondly, AFSOC should maintain complete control of all special operations airlift for greater mission focus amongst the aircrew and better decision making at leadership levels. Ultimately, while moving AMC‟s special operations support mission to AFSOC would provide greater special operations support, the convenience of the status quo makes such a move prohibitive."

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