Building Partnerships and Strengthening Global Relationships Will Keep Army Prepared   [open pdf - 277KB]

"Over the past 12 years, the Army has been engaged in two wars in a fight on terrorism, wars that would not have been successful or possible without the assistance of the United States partners and allies. The building of relationships and maintenance of current partnerships has long been a focus of the United States leadership, starting with the President, the Commander in Chief. These partnerships serve another purpose, that of keeping the homelands safer as well as training the United States military as well as the partner military. While the United States military, namely the Army, has had its focus on Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 12 years, the United States partners, friends, and allies have remained steadfast, waiting or fighting alongside, while the United States Army conducted its wartime mission. Now, the United States has transitioned out of Iraq and is anticipating drawdowns in Afghanistan, the partners are ready to resume relationship building and partner training. This paper will illustrate that focusing on maintaining and building partnerships and strengthening existing relationships through military to military engagements and partnership training is critical to keeping the Army prepared for the future."

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