Affect Response to Simulated Information Attack during Complex Task Performance   [open pdf - 6MB]

"An experimental facility was developed and an experiment performed to evaluate the following 4 research questions: 1) To what extent does performance of a complex task differ when affected by manipulation of underlying information elements and can an affective computing technique mitigate these effects; 2) To what extent are an individual's traits associated with differing abilities across individuals to "fight through" an informational attack; 3) Is an individual's cognitive state associated with differing levels of coping with additional demands created by informational attack; and 4) Can an individual's physiological state accurately reflect differences in emotional state caused by informational attack? The experimental facility, the Cyber Affect Laboratory (CAL), supported data collection for a single participant and a remoted research to monitor the participant and administer written material for subjective reporting when needed. The CAL integrated behavioral and physiological measurement equipment as well as hosting a multiple task battery, the AF-MATB, with visual displays and convention computer controls. AF-MATB was modified to simulate several persistent information attacks during which the participant was required to continue to operate the multiple tasks. In addition, affective computing techniques were utilized to further understand how induced affect could be used to mitigate the effects of the informational attacks."

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