Cyberforce 2025: Crafting a Selection Program for Tomorrow's Cyber Warriors   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The onset of the present information age, and the national security threats and opportunities posed by the wild-wild west of the cyber domain are as daunting as those ushered in with the birth of the Cold War. Whereas the Cold War yielded a unifying strategy in NSC [National Security Council] 68 and groundbreaking forces in the nuclear navy and the US Army Green Berets, to date the underwhelming US response to the pressing cyberspace challenge has consisted of publishing inadequate national, DoD and Service strategies, and the Air Force's adoption of cyberspace as one of its three core missions. Unfortunately, the service's utilization of traditional military accession and training methodologies for its cyber forces neither scientifically nor holistically assess the intelligence, personality, and skills a competent cyber operator requires to execute the technical depth or operational breadth needed to prosecute cyberspace superiority operations. Through examination of the threat, legal/policy, strategy and technology environments that comprise the cyberspace domain, a survey of contemporary intelligence, personality and skill assessment methodologies, and an analysis of nuclear navy and US Army Special Forces selection/accession programs, this paper will develop desired cyberspace warrior attributes and propose a viable and robust selection and accession program for Cyberspace warriors."

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