Off We Go Into the Wild Digital Yonder: Building Cyber Forces   [open pdf - 225KB]

"A critical component of the Department of Defense's strategy for operating in cyberspace is the designation of this area of conflict as an operational domain. It is assumed the ensuing organizational change associated with this recognition will more effectively facilitate the organization, training and equipping of forces to dominate our adversaries in cyberspace. These functions, however, remain the purview of the separate military services who also remain the keepers of the profession of arms for their respective domains. Given the increasing importance of the cyber domain, it is time to consider a separate service to ensure the dominance of U.S. Forces in cyberspace. This paper examines the cyber domain beyond the mere designation and takes a more enduring perspective. Current initiatives in cyber command and control are examined but revealed as insufficient in the context of the broader title 10 service responsibilities to organize, train and equip cyber forces. The evolution of the Air Force (from the Army Signal Corps and later the Army Air Corps) is used to validate the evolution to a cyber service."

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