Offensive Cyber Operations: The Need for a Policy to Contend with the Future   [open pdf - 277KB]

"The United States is in a unique position in the world to capitalize on a globally interconnected information and communications infrastructure which is ingrained into every corner of society and provides a conduit for public safety, the economy, and national security. Technology drives change and the evolution of daily interactions and offers endless opportunities, but these are fraught with vulnerabilities. Make no mistake that cyberspace, while not new, is the battlefield for future conflict. [...] The United States requires offensive cyber capabilities, and the doctrine and the theory to guide their employment. [...] There are numerous policy documents and senior administration statements that relate to cyberspace defense, but there has been a deafening silence with regard to offensive cyber capabilities. The United States has been averse to discuss offensive cyber operations in the public domain and has rarely spoken about such operations for fear of leading to an escalation of cyberattacks. The time has come for the United States to declare that it will conduct offensive cyber operations."

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