Programmatic Environmental Assessment Addressing The Development, Use, And Maintenance Of Military Training Areas At Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico   [open pdf - 39MB]

"This PEA [Programmatic Environmental Assessment] was developed in compliance with USAFs [United States Air Force] Environmental Impact Analysis Process in support of the current training and maintenance activities and the development, use, and maintenance of additional military training areas on Kirtland AFB [Air Force Base]. The types of military training conducted on Kirtland AFB are common military activities that include the use of firing ranges for live weapons training and weapons qualification; the use of training areas for maneuvers, force on-force rescue, real-world deployment, land navigation, convoy movement and protection, rotary-wing aircraft operations, and explosives training; helicopter landing zones and the Auxiliary Helicopter Training Field for helicopter pilot training, personnel insertion/extraction, and crash rescue field training exercises; and Isleta drop zone for C-130 aerial delivery training. Training activities can include the use of munitions, Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, pyrotechnics, ground burst simulators, smokes, and flares. The Proposed Action is to continue current military training activities on Kirtland AFB, as well as provide suitable training areas on the installation, where possible, to better support Department of Defense training requirements. It is anticipated that mission requirements will continue to grow and new military training areas would be needed for conventional tactical training in dry, mountainous areas such as those found on Kirtland AFB. Further, evaluation of existing training areas for new activities and the creation of new training areas, where possible, on the installation could allow a limited amount of the off-installation activities to be brought back onto Kirtland AFB."

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