Operationalizing Cyberspace for Today's Combat Air Force   [open pdf - 505KB]

"This study researches the question, 'What does the CAF [Combat Air Force] operator need to know about CNO [computer network operations]?' Section 1 provides the framework for the discussion as well as key background information regarding current United States Government strategic views and DOD views on cyberspace. Section 2 begins the CNO education by showing where CNO fits into the overarching information operations construct and concludes by providing a generic discussion of the interaction between each of the elements. Section 3 furthers the discussion by detailing how cyber forces are organized. Section 4 outlines the importance of CNO to the warfighter. Section 4 also lends vulnerability and capability analysis in an effort to drive the CAF mission planner or operator to think in terms of desired effects. Section 5 highlights a few of the key operational challenges in the areas of doctrine, organizational thought and system architecture, education and training, and planning in order to highlight issues that may hamper CNO support to the warfighter. The author concludes that it is vital for the CAF operator to have working knowledge of CNO -- organization, importance, and challenges -- in an effort to facilitate better integration into the warfighting structure. This study provides that knowledge while also offering recommendations to promote more efficient joint cross-domain operations."

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