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"Technology touches the lives of almost everyone in today's world. Our society has embraced all forms of emerging technologies and has thrived from the benefits provided. Personal and professional cellphones have proliferated and enriched the lives of typical Americans. Social networking provides 24-hour access to data and information between friends and strangers alike. Technology also has played a significant role in the world's economy and in the control and management of America's critical infrastructure, including the power grid, logistics and supply lines and the water supply system. The aggregate of technology that allows these capabilities is encompassed within the definition of cyber and is inherent in most of our acquisitions today. Yet, with all the benefits of technology, there are many emerging dangers that we are only beginning to identify and that we struggle to address. Acquisition professionals have witnessed the challenges firsthand. Issues such as protecting the integrity and confidentiality of data as well as the critical U.S. defense infrastructure are today at the political forefront. Other nations actively seek to steal our capabilities in order to close the cyber gap we now enjoy. Many reports and articles point to the desires of other nations to expand their influence in the world arena. One way to do this is to gain access to the technological developments that the United States has spent so handsomely to acquire over the years."

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Defense AT&L [Acquisition, Technology and Logistics] (January-February 2015); vol.44, no.1, DAU 242
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