Oversight of DEA's Confidential Source Program, Hearing Before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, United States House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, Second Session, November 30, 2016   [open pdf - 787KB]

This testimony compilation is from the November 30, 2016 hearing, "Oversight of DEA's Confidential Source Program," held before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. From the statement of Michael E. Horowitz: "Confidential sources are an important part of DEA's [Drug Enforcement Agency] law enforcement operations. Through our work, we found that the DEA relies heavily on confidential sources to conduct its investigations of criminal activity and drug interdiction operations. Between October 2010 and September 2015, the DEA had over 18,000 active confidential sources assigned to its domestic offices, with over 9,000 of those sources receiving approximately $237 million in payments for information or services provided to the DEA. The DEA, as with any law enforcement agency, must take special care to evaluate and closely supervise the use of its confidential sources and manage its Confidential Source Program in order to balance the inherent public safety, privacy, and civil rights risks associated with the program. We found that the DEA continues to face challenges managing its Confidential Source Program and striking this important balance. Proper oversight of this program is particularly imperative considering that confidential sources are often motivated by factors other than combatting crime, including financial gain and avoidance of punishment. Since July 2015, the OIG [Office of the Inspector General] has issued two audit reports related to the DEA's policies, oversight, management, use, and payments to confidential sources." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Michael E. Horowitz, Chuck Rosenberg, and Rob Patterson.

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