Organizational Identity: Positioning the Coast Guard for Future Success in an Evolving Environment   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Coast Guard is an organization entrusted with significant responsibilities in the maritime environment. Concerns about large numbers of aging assets scheduled to reach the end of their design service life has prompted the Coast Guard to initiate the replacement and modernization of its offshore maritime and aviation fleet. Due to an initial lack of acquisition expertise and less than adequate funding, the Coast Guard has been faced with making tradeoffs. The primary goal of this thesis is to determine how the Coast Guard's organizational identity and strategic vision have impacted its ability to obtain necessary capabilities to satisfy mission requirements. This research also explores the Coast Guard's social identity and the organization's current performance measures. This research employed historical analysis, social network analysis, program analysis, and social identity theory methods. This research concludes is that changing patronage lines and in-group characterization may have negatively impacted the Coast Guard's ability to satisfy mission requirements. This thesis recommends that the Coast Guard reevaluate performance measurements that do not directly translate to the overarching strategic goals of the organization or of the Department of Homeland Security. Communication resources should focus on key figures associated with the budgetary and acquisitions processes."

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