Implementing Compstat Principles into Critical Infrastructure Protection and Improvement   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Roads and bridges, as aspects of transportation that are at the center of critical infrastructure (CI), are central to evacuation and to emergency response. New York City CI needs an accountability and communication model to ensure future progress, focusing on maintenance and prioritized improvement. This thesis focuses on how a performance measurement system, such as the New York City Police Department's (NYPD) CompStat [Computer Statistics] model, will improve and protect the critical infrastructure of New York City's roads and bridges. The author uses over 20 years of NYPD managerial experience to demonstrate the successes of the NYPD's CompStat program through its 22-year history and how those successes can be translated to improvement in accountability and communications in road and bridge construction and reconstruction. This thesis investigates CI issues, and multiple sample events demonstrate how using the CompStat model would have resulted in a different outcome. I make the recommendation to create a New York City Mayor's Office of Infrastructure using New York City Emergency Management's Emergency Support Functions (ESF) as a method of grouping agencies and private companies together to engage in pre-event non-emergency multi-agency conversations."

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