Report to Congress on Strategy to Protect United States National Security Interests in the Arctic Region   [open pdf - 172KB]

From the Executive Summary: "The Department of Defense (DoD) remains committed to working collaboratively with allies and partners to promote a balanced approach to improving security in the Arctic region. DoD's strategy in the Arctic builds upon the 2009 National Security Presidential Directive 66/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 25, 'Arctic Region Policy', and the 2013 'National Strategy for the Arctic Region (NSAR)'. DoD's 2013 'Arctic Strategy' nested under those two overarching national-level guidance documents. DoD's 2016 'Arctic Strategy' updates DoD's 2013 'Arctic Strategy' as required by Section 1068 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2016 (P.L. 114-92) in light of significant changes in the international security environment. It refines DoD's desired end-state for the Arctic: a secure and stable region where U.S. national interests are safeguarded, the U.S. homeland is defended, and nations work cooperatively to address challenges. The two main supporting objectives remain unchanged: 1) Ensure security, support safety, promote defense cooperation; and 2) prepare to respond to a wide range of challenges and contingencies-operating in conjunction with like-minded nations when possible and independently if necessary-in order to maintain stability in the region. This update also adds a classified annex."

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