DSB Task Force Report on Next-Generation Unmanned Undersea Systems   [open pdf - 476KB]

"Rapidly advancing adversary capabilities, particularly those that employ anti-access and area- denial (A2/AD) strategies, pose a significant and increasing threat to U.S. operational and warfighting effectiveness in the air, in space, on land, and on the ocean's surface. The threat in the undersea domain is also increasing, but here the U.S. has a greater opportunity to retain an advantageous position to offset the burgeoning warfighting challenges it faces in other domains. This will require investment in new areas, adoption of commercial technologies to be used within a system of systems to support today's mission requirements, development of new concepts of operations (CONOPS), and acceptance of greater detection and loss risk to individual units mitigated by larger numbers of lower cost assets. In October 2014, the Under Secretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) requested that the Defense Science Board (DSB) review existing military and civil undersea systems and technologies and propose near- and mid-term unmanned undersea systems concepts that provide significant capability gains. Furthermore, the DSB was asked to consider methods for deploying initial capabilities with plans for capability evolution and to recommend approaches that facilitate rapid experimentation and operational demonstration. […] This report presents the key findings and recommendations of the task force deliberations. Four specific unmanned undersea system concepts that have the potential to create important new undersea capabilities and present potential adversaries with significant challenges are recommended along with the associated development and experimental programs for their validation. In addition to creating new capabilities, these system concepts illustrate important design principles that work around many of the long-standing technological issues that have limited unmanned undersea systems performance."

2016 Defense Science Board (DSB).
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