Improving the Intelligence Community's Declassification Process and the Community's Support to the National Declassification Center   [open pdf - 598KB]

From the introduction: "In accordance with a Congressionally Directed Action (CDA) in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 (Public Law 113‐293), the Director of National Intelligence submits this report describing 'proposals to improve the declassification review process throughout the intelligence community; and steps the intelligence community could take, or legislation that may be necessary, to enable the National Declassification Center to better accomplish the missions assigned to the Center by Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information, (75 Fed. Reg. 707).' The Intelligence Community's (IC's) declassification programs are foundational to the Community's fulfillment of the Executive Order (E.O.) and its own Principles of Intelligence Transparency. This report focuses on Automatic Declassification (AD), described in Section 3.3 of the Order.1 It directs that 'all classified records that are (1) more than 25 years old and (2) have been determined to have permanent historical value under title 44, United States Code, shall be automatically declassified whether or not the records have been reviewed,' except when an agency head has determined the information contained therein over which the agency has Original Classification Authority (OCA) satisfies one or more of the nine exemption categories in Section 3.3(b) of the E.O. Agencies are allowed to request exemptions from automatic declassification at 25 years (Section 3.3(b)), 50 years (Section 3.3(h)), and 75 years (Section 3.3(j)) from the date of origin of classified information if they believe it must remain protected beyond 25 years."

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