Quadrennial Energy Review, Transforming the Nation's Electricity System: The Second Installment of the QER   [open pdf - 41MB]

"The second installment of the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER 1.2) focuses on the electricity system and its role as the enabler for accomplishing three key national goals: improving the economy, protecting the environment, and increasing national security. As a critical and essential national asset, it is a strategic imperative to protect and enhance the value of the electricity system through modernization and transformation. Reliable and affordable electricity provides essential energy services for consumers, business, and national defense. [...] QER 1.2 analyzes trends and issues confronting the Nation's electricity sector out to 2040, examining the entire electricity supply chain from generation to end use, and within the context of three overarching national goals to: (1) enhance economic competitiveness; (2) promote environmental responsibility; and (3) provide for the nation's security. The report builds on analysis and recommendations in the first installment of the QER (QER 1.1) on improving energy transmission, distribution, and storage infrastructures, and provides recommendations that must be implemented to optimize and modernize the electricity sector."

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Second Installment
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