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The purpose of this web page is to provide legal insight into cybersecurity issues based on the American Bar Association's [ABA] current resources. The ABA has compiled its cyber-resources into a singular entity now represented by a task force which aims to provide legal and policy aid on issues surrounding cyber policy, crime, and threats. The task force has created a mission statement with clear objectives outlined in the following list: "(1) Facilitate collaboration and information exchange among constituent ABA entities and with relevant public agencies and private organizations; (2) Serve as a clearinghouse among ABA entities regarding cybersecurity activities, policy proposals, advocacy, publications and resources; (3) Study and analyze executive and legislative branch cybersecurity proposals; (4) Identify cyber-related issues for appropriate action by the ABA, including filling gaps in policy, encouraging ABA entities to develop new policy as appropriate, and sharing best practices with members and their law firms; and (5) Advise and assist the ABA Governmental Affairs Office on cybersecurity advocacy and responses to government actions.

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