Cyber Incident Reporting: A Unified Message for Reporting to the Federal Government   [open pdf - 573KB]

This fact sheet explains when, what, and how to report to the Federal Government in the event of a cyber incident. "Cyber incidents can have serious consequences. The theft of private, financial, or other sensitive data and cyber attacks that damage computer systems are capable of causing lasting harm to anyone engaged in personal or commercial online transactions. Such risks are increasingly faced by businesses, consumers, and all other users of the Internet.A private sector entity that is a victim of a cyber incident can receive assistance from government agencies, which are prepared to investigate the incident, mitigate its consequences, and help prevent future incidents. For example, federal law enforcement agencies have highly trained investigators who specialize in responding to cyber incidents for the express purpose of disrupting threat actors who caused the incident and preventing harm to other potential victims. In addition to law enforcement, other federal responders provide technical assistance to protect assets, mitigate vulnerabilities, and offer on-scene response personnel to aid in incident recovery. When supporting affected entities, the various agencies of the Federal Government work in tandem to leverage their collective response expertise, apply their knowledge of cyber threats, preserve key evidence, and use their combined authorities and capabilities both to minimize asset vulnerability and bring malicious actors to justice. "

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