Healthcare and Public Health Cybersecurity Primer: Cybersecurity 101   [open pdf - 758KB]

"Understanding the evolving role of cybersecurity in healthcare and public health is a crucial first step to managing cyber risks to the HPH [Healthcare and Public Health] sector. The Healthcare and Public Health Cybersecurity Primer is a tool intended for use by sector members, owners and operators, as well as Federal, State and local partners who may not be cyber experts, but wish to improve the sector's level of understanding of cybersecurity. The scope of this document contains concepts and common practices of security as they pertain to the cyber component of healthcare and public health. This document will: [1] Provide a basic definition of cybersecurity; [2] Discuss qualities of a secure cyber environment; [3] Present a high level examination of cyber threats and consequences and vulnerabilities; and [4] Discuss preventative measures and recommended risk management activities."

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