When Guns and Drugs are Democratized: Potential Technical Solutions to Counter the Negative Consequences of Three Dimensional Printing   [open html - 123KB]

"3-D printer technology will have negative consequences in the form of weapons that cannot be traced, illicit drug manufacture, sabotage, and intellectual property theft. This article poses the following questions. How will society be affected by these changes? How will border security organizations accomplish their missions when illicit guns and drugs no longer have to be transferred across borders? How might terrorists use their ability to hack design files to sabotage components built by 3-D printers? This article will focus on what can be done to limit, through the use of technology, the sinister uses of the 3-D printer while still allowing for the positive benefits that this new technology will bring to humanity. The article is structured to describe briefly how 3-D printing technology functions, how the technology can be used to print objects with negative consequences to society, and how those consequences may be remediated."

Author:Percy, Jonathan
Publisher:Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Copyright:Public Domain
Retrieved From:Homeland Security Affairs Journal: http://www.hsaj.org/
Media Type:text/html
Source:Homeland Security Affairs Journal (December 2016), v.12, article 7
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