Recommended Practice: Creating Cyber Forensics Plans for Control Systems   [open pdf - 5MB]

"This document takes the traditional concepts of cyber forensics and provides direction regarding augmentation for control systems operational environments. The goal is to provide guidance to the reader with specifics relating to the complexity of cyber forensics for control systems, guidance to allow organizations to create a self-sustaining cyber forensics program for their control systems environments, and guidance to support the maintenance and evolution of such programs. This document is organized into three major sections: Section 1, Traditional Forensics and Challenges to Control Systems Section 2, Creating a Cyber Forensics Program for Control Systems Environments Section 3, Activating and Sustaining a Cyber Forensics Program. The document addresses the issues encountered in developing and maintaining a cyber forensics plan for control systems environments. This recommended practice supports forensic practitioners in creating a control systems forensics plan, and assumes evidentiary data collection and preservation using forensic best practices. The goal of this recommended practice is not to reinvent proven methods, but to leverage them in the best possible way. As such, the material in this recommended practice provides users with the appropriate foundation to allow these best practices to be effective in a control systems domain."

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