DHS Science and Technology Fact Sheets [website]   [open html - 56KB]

The fact sheets provided on this DHS S&T (Science and Technology) website "help explain current and upcoming projects within S&T's four groups. Through these projects, S&T works to strengthen America's security and resiliency by offering innovative solutions for the Homeland Security Enterprise." Fact sheets include those from the following divisions: FRG (First Responders Group) projects tackle the gamut of first responder challenges; HSARPA (Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency) projects concentrate on borders and maritime security, chemical and biological defense, cybersecurity, explosives threats, resiliency and infrastructure protection; CDS (Capability Development Support Group) projects range from detection to standards across the research and development spectrum; RDP (Research & Development Partnerships) projects focus on academic and laboratory partnerships; and S&T General fact sheets focus on projects and actions originating at the S&T headquarters level.

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