Information Technology Sector-Specific Plan 2016: An Annex to the NIPP 2013   [open pdf - 2MB]

Alternate Title: Information Technology Sector-Specific Plan 2016: An Annex to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan 2013

"The Information Technology (IT) Sector produces and provides high-assurance IT products and services for governments, critical infrastructure sectors, commercial businesses, and private citizens around the globe. Government and industry partnership is critical to creating a continuous risk reduction system across a Sector as large and diverse as the IT Sector. To meet these challenges, effective collaboration among public and private sector partners is imperative to ensure the protection and resilience of IT Sector functions upon which the Sector and Nation depend. With critical infrastructure protection being the primary concern, the IT Sector's vision is 'to achieve a sustained reduction in the impact of incidents on the Sector's critical functions.' Many critical infrastructure Sectors are primarily composed of finite and easily identifiable physical assets. Unlike some other Sectors, the IT Sector is a functions-based Sector that comprises not only physical assets, but also virtual systems and networks that enable key capabilities and services in both the public and private sectors. Six critical functions support the Sector's ability to produce and provide highassurance IT products and services for various Sectors. These functions are required to maintain or reconstitute networks (e.g., the Internet, local networks, and wide area networks) and their associated services."

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