National Institute of Justice: Expert Working Group on Trafficking in Persons Research Meeting   [open pdf - 455KB]

From the executive summary: "Th[is] meeting opened with a robust and lively discussion about the various working definitions of human trafficking. It focused on the necessity of different definitions, their use in different sectors of the field, whether and how these definitions impact researchers' and criminal justice practitioners' approach to and understanding of human trafficking, and the importance of being educated about the differences in definitions used across disciplines. Although it is important to tailor terminology to specific audiences, many attendees agreed that it is also important to retain some consistency with legal definitions and that effort should be made to agree on at least some baseline definitional components to facilitate action and measurement in the field. Ultimately, the working group had a number of concrete suggestions pertaining to definitions: [1] Researchers and practitioners should use simple definitions. [2] Get more of the basic information about trafficking into law review articles and other venues to educate judges, probation officers and others in the criminal justice system. [3] Develop a typology of victimization that is constantly updated and distributed widely. Engage survivors to better refine changing definitions of victim and survivor."

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National Criminal Justice 249914 ;NCJ 249914
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Research and Evaluation on Human Trafficking, An Expert Working Group, Washington, DC, April 24-25, 2014
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