Non-Lethal Weapons Program Executive Agent's Planning Guidance 2016   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the Introduction: "On behalf of all the Services, the Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) program will continue to invest in the technology and research of non-lethal capabilities to enhance readiness and minimize civilian casualties in support of U.S. military strategy. The complex security environment commonly referred to as the 'New Normal' yields new challenges and demands varying, discriminating and proportionate capabilities for our warfighters. From large scale operations to smaller, more versatile distributed force responses, everything we do must demonstrate our stewardship as responsible global security leaders. The applicability of NLW across the Department of Defense (DoD) is only growing. Non-lethal capabilities offer relevance and utility to operations in which civilian casualty avoidance plays an increasingly strategic role. Examples of 'New Normal' applications include in extremis embassy reinforcement and security augmentation, foreign humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, noncombatant evacuations, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) security, maritime interdiction, stability operations, detainee/refugee control, pandemic response and supporting establishment defense. NLW are also recognized as ideal building partner capacity tools to promote interoperability and proportionality As this relevance coincides with a challenging fiscal environment, focused resource prioritization in support of the most promising technologies and near-term capabilities will be essential to meet warfighter needs. This document provides vision, guidance, goals and tasks commensurate with the program's contemporary relevance. Its contents are directive for the Joint NLW Program and informative for Service-unique NLW programs-all of which comprise the DoD NLW Program."

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