U.S. Customs and Border Protection Cybersecurity Strategy: Enabling the Mission Through Secure Technology   [open pdf - 1MB]

"CBP's [Customs and Border Protection] cybersecurity challenge requires the right mix of technology, workforce resources, and procedures to improve its cyber defenses without impacting the operational speed and agility CBP requires to defend the Nation's borders. This strategy provides a framework for CBP to tackle this challenge head on by defining a vision for cybersecurity that provides objectives and initiatives that protects CBP's networks from outside attacks. The strategy also recognizes that each CBP mission area may require unique cybersecurity capabilities, but achieving a strong security baseline requires coordination and recognition that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility of all CBP employees. To that end, CBP has identified three strategic cybersecurity goals: [1.] Protect the CBP mission and people by integrating cybersecurity into the organization: CBP has a responsibility to ensure that cybersecurity measures are integrated throughout all of its mission areas through effective governance policies and procedures. [2.] Build a strong cybersecurity foundation and work toward sustainable mission integrity: CBP must achieve a proactive and vigilant cybersecurity posture, ready to quickly respond and recover from a cyber incident so that cyber attacks do not compromise CBP's ability to perform its mission. [3.] Develop and support a skilled workforce: Recruiting, developing, and retaining a cybersecurity workforce that is equipped to work with new technologies and address emerging threats is vital to protect CBP's ability to execute its mission."

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