FEMA Mitigation Best Practices: Recovery is Built Through Partnerships   [open pdf - 70KB]

This document is part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Best Practices Portfolio. "The FEMA Best Practices Portfolio consists of mitigation stories submitted by individuals and communities that describe measures they have taken to reduce the loss of life and property from disasters. These Best Practices are meant to provide ideas and concepts about reducing losses and to encourage others to evaluate their own risk and consider mitigation as a long-term solution to reducing that risk." This Best Practice Story is about storm mitigation efforts in New York. "The scope of Sandy's damage reinforced a basic principle of good government: coordination among all affected applicants and agencies to achieve a common goal. Nowhere was this more vividly illustrated than with the Region II New York Sandy Recovery Office's (NYSRO) Environmental and Historic Preservation's (EHP's) collaborative efforts during Sandy's recovery. EHP worked closely with internal staff, federal partners and New York State to streamline the project review process. Their work covered projects that varied in complexity, including projects for more than 100 bridges and a Mesonet, a network of more than 100 automated environmental monitoring stations."

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