Green Eyeshades of War: An Examination of Financial Management During War   [open pdf - 1MB]

"In this evolving world environment that many believe will spawn more frequent and increasingly expensive military operations, I predict that the battle cry will not be victory at any cost, as it was in World War II. To the contrary, this new world order will demand victory at the most efficient and most economical cost. In this new world order, full financial support for contingencies is not a given. In fact, getting the funds necessary to win our nation's wars depends upon our military having the confidence of Congress and the American people that military financial managers can and will effectively and efficiently execute those funds during times of conflict. The question is, are we up to the task? This monograph will put military financial management during war on trial, examining fiscal performance and readiness during various conflicts: World War II, Vietnam, Operations Desert Shield/Storm, and Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom. Each of these conflicts is unique, yet each situation validated the critical need for sound fiscal management and controls. Let the trial begin."

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