Economic Record of the Obama Administration: Addressing Climate Change   [open pdf - 1008KB]

From the Executive Summary: "The impacts of climate change are being felt now, and if unchecked, greenhouse gas emissions threaten the future of both national and global welfare and economic output. That is why, since taking office, President Obama has demonstrated his commitment to fighting climate change through a diverse set of policy mechanisms. Since 2008, he has implemented policiesthat provide incentives for renewable energy and improve the energy efficiency of homes and appliances; developed the first-ever federal greenhouse gas pollution standards for power plants, light-duty cars and trucks, and commercial trucks, buses, and vans; invested in research and development to support innovative clean energy technologies, and furthered international cooperation to drive down greenhouse gas emissions and limit global temperature rise. Encouraging trends in energy consumption, carbon emissions, and the deployment of cleaner energy since 2008 illustrate the progress the nation has made during the Obama Administration to transition to an increasingly low-carbon economy, while also recovering from the Great Recession. In line with long-standing policy for major regulations, standards aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions have been assessed using rigorous benefit-cost analysis. This report reviews the economic rationale for policy intervention to slow climate change, selected policies pursued and the progress made to date, and the foundation this Administration has established for a continued transition toward an increasingly low-carbon economy in the years to come. The key findings of the report are outlined below."

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