Safer Seas Digest 2015: Lessons Learned from Marine Accident Investigations   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the Message from the Chairman: "The National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB] investigates accidents in all modes of transportation, determines probable causes, and makes safety recommendations as appropriate. In marine transportation, NTSB investigators work closely with our US Coast Guard counterparts to gather facts and evidence at the scene of an accident. I would like to thank the men and women of the Coast Guard not only for their collaborative investigative work alongside the NTSB, but also for their work to secure the scenes of accidents, and for the use of Coast Guard assets on which we rely in many cases. Once all the relevant facts have been gathered (both on scene and afterwards), the NTSB analyzes the information and publishes accident investigation reports so that mariners and others know the circumstances of an accident and what we recommend to avoid recurrences. 'Safer Seas Digest 2015' is the third edition of this publication, our 'one-stop shop' for mariners and others to review concise summaries of a full year's accident investigations. Since we first published 'Safer Seas 2013', we have heard that the yearly digests are used in crew training and safety meetings both on board and shoreside. Indeed, safety culture begins at the top; the lessons of 'Safer Seas Digest' should be of interest not only at sea, but also in C-suites. 'Safer Seas Digest 2015' represents our continuing commitment to sharing the lessons that we learn through our investigations. Many marine accidents can be prevented when crews know and respond to safety issues early and when crews work together effectively in the event of a crisis."

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