Proof-of-Concept Part Task Trainer for Close Air Support Procedures   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Transitioning between two training phases of the close air support (CAS) syllabus can be difficult for pilots under instruction (PUIs). The level and variety of skills needed for each stage may not be acquired in the previous step, which makes it difficult for the pilot to take the most value from the current stage of training. By providing PUIs with supplemental training solutions that aim to bridge those training gaps, it may be possible to increase the value of the ultimate, but time-limited, training opportunities like simulator and actual flight events. This research prototyped a supplemental training solution that offers a context-relevant, immersive virtual environment that removes the need to fly or operate the aircraft system, thus enabling the trainee to focus only on improving the skills related to problem schema (communication, decision making, and CAS procedures). The resulting system enables repetitive, individual training of CAS communication and procedure skills similar to chair flying combined with tactically correct examples of CAS missions used during 'chalk talks.' An informal user study indicated this approach has the potential to make the transition to the simulator or aircraft much easier and could offer a viable training solution in an increasingly fiscally constrained environment."

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