Styles of International Mediation in Peace Processes Between States and Terrorist Organizations   [open pdf - 531KB]

From the thesis abstract: "As a conflict management strategy, mediation has offered a way to abate or resolve conflicts, and it is a solid alternative to escalating hostilities. Most academic works analyze mediation by studying the mediators' roles and behavior, and such study is facilitated by the use of categories or typologies. This thesis seeks to identify an additional method known as the styles of mediation. Because international mediation has been used in terrorism conflicts, this thesis explores the styles of international mediation that have been employed in peace processes between states and terrorist organizations, and uses the Israeli-Palestinian, Northern Ireland, and Sri Lankan peace processes as case studies. Two specific styles of mediation are suggested: personalistic mediation and institutionalized mediation, both strongly linked to the frameworks under which the mediation is exercised. Personalistic mediation is a framework of mediation that develops and establishes itself as the mediation unfolds, largely due to the mediators' own work and determination. Institutionalized mediation takes place when an institution created in a peace process adopts a mediation strategy and exercises it under its institutional umbrella. The proposed styles may not only help analysts define frameworks in future mediations, but also compare mediation, and in some cases even predict--to an extent--patterns and results of mediation."

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