Heat Wave Implementation Plan: CDC, EPA, and NOAA Responses Marking Progress on the Grand Challenges   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The White House National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction (SDR) identified a set of challenges that, when addressed, would reduce community vulnerability to disasters and thus create a more disaster-resilient Nation. These were set forth in a 2005 report, 'Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction', which formulated a ten-year strategy for disaster reduction through science and technology. The six broad challenges were: 1) Provide hazard and disaster information where and when it is needed. 2) Understand the natural processes that produce hazards. 3) Develop hazard mitigation strategies and technologies. 4) Recognize and reduce vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructure. 5) Assess disaster resilience using standard methods. 6) Promote risk-wise behavior. The SDR 'Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction' report acknowledged that addressing these challenges would require sustained Federal investment as well as collaborations with state, local, and tribal governments, professional societies and trade associations, the private sector, academia, and the international community in order to successfully transfer disaster reduction science and technology into common use."

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