Strategic Framework for Addressing the Most Tactical of Problems: It's All About the Bad Guys   [open pdf - 268KB]

"Strategic challenges posed by nation states and evolving geopolitical trends have been, and will be, with us forever. There have been some modifications in tradecraft and analytics, but the nature of the problem set hasn't dictated any fundamental change in the way we do business. But another challenge has emerged and we haven't adequately responded. Globalization has empowered individuals like never before. Terrorism, proliferation, transnational organized crime and financial fraud are certainly not new. But practitioners of those activities have been supercharged and it is imperative that we posture ourselves accordingly to mitigate the threat. The most tactical of problems - the actions of individual bad actors, can now have strategic effects, so we'll need to improve our ability to discern who they are, and then catalogue their identifiers, what they are doing, how they are doing it, and with whom they are connected. And then we need to make sure that all elements of the Government with an appropriate interest can make use of the information. It requires a new way of doing government-wide business, patterned after lessons we have learned from our counter terrorism efforts. This article lays out a strategic framework for addressing the most tactical of issues, the challenges posed by transnational bad actors."

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