Santa Muerte: Threatening the U.S. Homeland   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Abstract: "Santa Muerte, once practiced by a small minority of Mesoamericans, has now gain significant popularity among the dispossessed and narco-cultures of Mexican heritage. This syncretic religion that may be promoting instability and empowering Mexico's narco-cultures has many fearing for their lives. Santa Muerte has demonstrated a disregard for human rights, it threatens Mexico's national security, and it recognizes no boundaries against malevolent acts of violence. Citizens throughout Mexico, the U.S., and parts of Argentina have already witnessed the carnage left behind by the criminal minded and dispossessed who praise Santa Muerte for personal gain and protection. In the U.S., the narco-threat and its religious affiliation to Santa Muerte are real and although the problem is not nearly as severe as Mexico's current state, the crime in the U.S. seems to be rising gradually. Citizens in both the U.S. and Mexico, to include the Mexican government, agree that Santa Muerte is in and of itself a religion incompatible to good order and discipline. Its ideologies and esoteric practices in its absolute essence evidently promotes a society of lawbreakers."

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