IA-D3: An Assessment Process for Military Health Support in Stability Operations (MSOs), Enabling Medical Diplomacy for Countering Irregular Threats   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Introduction: "This paper examines Medical Stability Operations (MSOs) in an Irregular Warfare (IW) environment MSOs are an essential component of Phase IV-Stability and Reconstruction (hereafter referred to as S&R) operations as military personnel seek to restore public health services to pre-conflict levels, reduce further loss of civilian life, and alleviate further suffering during or after cessation of hostilities. MSOs, fall under joint 'umbrella' term medical civil-military operations (MCMOs) - described in Joint Publication 4-02,' Health Service Support' (October 2006)- and are considered a 'be-prepared-to' health services support (HSS) mission of Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF), conducted during or after transition from the combat phase to the stabilization and reconstruction (S&R) phase (i.e. Phase IV), referred to as S&R hereafter. Yet the Marine Corps has not developed a viable assessment methodology for the MSOs it conducts. Simply put, how does the Marine Corps know when an MSO is succeeding in S&R operations? The solution is to modify and employ an existing joint (land and maritime) targeting cycle - known as D3-A (Decide, Detect, Deliver and Assess) - that promotes interagency collaboration and enhances medical diplomacy to counter irregular threats during post-combat operations. Thus, this paper highlights the assessment piece of problem framing when planning (and employing) MSOs as 'non-lethal fires' within the Infonl1ation Operations and Civil Military Operations (CMO) staff function of a MAGTF command element. Moreover, this paper explores a proposed 'interagency' planning method for assessing MAGTF MSOs that takes into account not only the interagency, but also host nation representatives and civil considerations in an effort to ensure accurate measures of performance and success."

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