Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army [July-August 2016]   [open pdf - 78MB]

This March-April 2016 issue of "Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army" features the following articles: "Leading and Managing High-Performing Army Organizations" by Thomas Spoehr; "Cyberspace Situational Understanding for Tactical Army Commanders: The Army Is Swinging for the Fence, but It Just Needs a Single" by William Jay Martin; "Professional Case for Force Management" by James Lowry Kennedy Jr.; "The Relevance of Culture: Recognizing the Importance of Innovation in Cyberspace Operations" by Edward C. Cardon, David P. McHenry, and Christopher Cline; "Colombia and the War-to-Peace Transition: Cautionary Lessons from Other Cases" by Carlos A. Ospina, Thomas A. Marks, and David H. Ucko; "Commanding General of the [Brazilian] Army Denies Possibility of Military Intervention" by Heloisa Cristaldo; "NATO Special Operations Forces, Counterterrorism, and the Resurgence of Terrorism in Europe" by Matthew E. Miller; "20th CBRNE Command: Organizing, Training, and Resourcing for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives Operations" by James B. Burton, F. John Burpo, and Kevin Garcia; "Reinventing the Wheel: Operational Lessons Learned by the 101st Division Artillery during Two Warfighter Exercises" by Travis Robison and Alex Moen; "The Mud of Verdun: Falkenhayn and the Future of American Landpower" by Robert Chamberlain; and "Everything I Never Wanted to Learn about the Network and Where We Might Go from Here" by J.B. Shattuck.

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