Underfunded, Unprotected and Misused: The Case for Restructuring the Air National Guard Under the Department of Homeland Security   [open pdf - 304KB]

"The best plan for preparing the Air National Guard [ANG] for homeland security and to maintain its war fighting duties and capabilities is by structuring the National Guard under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Using the Coast Guard's dual agency cooperation as a model, structuring the Air National Guard into DHS will attain vital, necessary funding and representation, develop homeland security expertise throughout the organization, secure better protection of its resources and personnel, and provide better leadership and coordination to homeland security efforts therefore creating a legitimate, institutionalized role in homeland security and national defense. [...] Placing ANG in DHS will protect the integrity of ANG's wartime responsibilities, secure better funding, protect ANG resources and develop a crisis management expertise throughout the ANG culture ultimately providing a cost effective homeland force available for defending and responding to the US homeland. Making the homeland the ANG's primary theater is a logical way to ensure a ready and trained military with a focus on homeland security missions. With DOD coveting ANG equipment and with large budget cuts looming, ANG is in danger of losing its functionality and therefore any availability to assisting DHS in homeland security. ANG will still be a vital part of National Defense and continue to operate its current federal roles but with the added emphasis on homeland security, ANG will then no longer have a secondary status in the Air Force and become a premier homeland agency."

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