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"Thousands of pre-planned mass gatherings and special events occur each year across the country and abroad. […] Unfortunately, in today's environment, special events attended by large numbers of people may be considered as terrorist targets due to large concentrations of crowds, the symbolic nature of the event, high-profile attendees, and increased media attention. Beyond the terrorist implications, there is still the inherent vulnerability of mass gatherings. The effects of a natural disasters, accidents, or disease outbreaks become amplified when they occur in a mass gathering. Further, the nature of crowds, in and of themselves, can be dangerous. Lastly, high concentrations of people may overwhelm the personnel support capacity in a given area, compromising basic human services and exacerbating existing medical conditions or creating unhealthy environments. It is for these reasons that local, state, and federal authorities should manage the public health and medical issues presented by mass gatherings and prepare for contingency response operations. Treating these events as 'planned emergencies,' including using incident management systems for planning and operating, allows a rapid transition to emergency response should an incident occur. The resources in this Topic Collection include lessons learned, case studies, research, tools, and templates designed to help emergency medical staff create robust plans for mass critical care before an incident strikes their jurisdiction."

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