Advanced Manufacturing: A Snapshot of Priority Technology Areas Across the Federal Government, Production of the Subcommittee for Advanced Manufacturing of the National Science and Technology Council   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the executive summary: "Advanced manufacturing drives long-term economic prosperity and growth, and supports the missions of the Federal agencies participating in the NSTC [National Science and Technology Council] Subcommittee for Advanced Manufacturing (SAM). A foundation of priority technology areas is needed to secure U.S. competitiveness in this sector, from which collaborations between government, industry, and academia may be built. This document captures technology areas in advanced manufacturing that are current priorities for the Federal Government, and are strong candidates for focused Federal investment and public-private collaboration. Emerging technology areas include advanced materials manufacturing, engineering biology to advance biomanufacturing, biomanufacturing for regenerative medicine, advanced bioproducts manufacturing, and continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. In addition, the Federal Government has already announced a number of advanced manufacturing technology areas that are either the focus of substantial existing investments or that may be the subject of future programming. These existing technology areas similarly require support across the development pipeline to fully leverage current research and development investments and infrastructure. Finally, Federal education and workforce training programs for manufacturing, which encourage strong industry involvement to ensure that today's curricula meet tomorrow's workforce needs, are highlighted."

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