Examining Legislative Proposals to Combat our Nation's Drug Abuse Crisis, Hearing Before the House of Representatives, Committee on Energy and Commerce, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, First Session, October 20, 2015   [open pdf - 520KB]

This testimony compilation is from the October 20, 2015 hearing: "Examining Legislative Proposals to Combat our Nation's Drug Abuse Crisis," before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. From the testimony of Paul Halverson, "I'm before you today to discuss a very import ant and far reaching public health issue, the heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemics, and their deleterious effects, that we're experiencing across the country and in my home state of Indiana. We know that addiction is not a tragedy for the addicted person alone. It is a tragedy for individuals, families and entire communities. The effects are cumulative, and contribute significantly to costly social, physical, mental, and public health problems. Addiction contributes to teenage pregnancy, harms unborn babies, fuels domestic violence and child abuse and contributes to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It leads to missed work, problems holding a job and sometimes to homelessness. Addiction is a major cause of motor vehicle crashes, crime, gun violence, homicide and suicide. As if the public health and social costs are not enough, the financial costs of drug addiction to our state alone, for health care, criminal justice, education and more, are estimated at $7.3 billion annually." Statements, Letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Paul Halverson, Chapman Sledge, Robert Corey Waller, Allen Anderson, and Kenneth Katz.

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