21st Century Science, Technology, and Innovation Strategy for America's National Security   [open pdf - 285KB]

From the Document: "Leadership in science and technology has been the foundation of American national security since World War II. This leadership--coupled with America's capacity for innovation and the ability to translate new ideas into deployable weapons, systems, and concepts of operation--has long ensured the Nation's military advantage. […] A new generation of threats and opportunities has emerged, moreover, which will continue to evolve in unprecedented ways. The United States must continue to lead in developing science and technology solutions to effectively address global problems, such as infectious disease and climate change, which will ultimately affect U.S. national security. The U.S. national security ST&I [Science, Technology, and Innovation] enterprise must continue to evolve to meet these emerging threats and challenges. America's national security research and development system is structured to respond to the military threats and economic opportunities of the last century. Recognizing the crucial role of technology in the Second World War, postwar America created an extensive infrastructure for national security science and technology that provided the foundation for the nuclear triad, the intelligence gathering infrastructure, and an array of other military capabilities and advanced tools to meet the threats of the Cold War era. This enterprise nurtured transformative technologies, including stealth technology, integrated command and control, and precision-guided munitions, all designed to counter peer adversaries in large-scale military conflicts. […] This document […] lays out the needs, opportunities, and challenges facing America's national security ST&I enterprise and sets forth a vision for its health and sufficiency enterprise in four critical areas: (1) workforce; (2) facilities and infrastructure; (3) governance roles and responsibilities; and (4) innovative capacity to transform ideas into working technology."

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