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This foreword written by Richard Clarke in the Strategic Insights journal states: "'As a doctrinal matter, the Pentagon has formally recognized cyberspace as a new domain of warfare…it has become just as critical to military operations as land, sea, air, and space.' These words, written by Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn last fall in Foreign Affairs, cemented the status of cyberspace as a domain of warfare like all others, and coincided nicely with US Cyber Command reaching its full operational capacity. Yet, suggestions of a strategy in the pages of this article and subsequent publications from Cyber Command and its four-star commander, Keith Alexander, belie the fundamental fact that the United States military, government, private sector, and citizenry are all seriously vulnerable to cyber attack and that we have no coherent plan to protect America. 'Active defense,' by which Cyber Command means going offensive first, is not a strategy that will protect this nation. If anything is clear, it is that we have a remarkably well-developed offensive capability, but no commensurately serious commitment to defense. There is neither a plan nor any capability to defend America's civilian infrastructure, from banking to telecoms to aviation. Perhaps the most important thing Americans can do to make us safer from cyber war is to discuss it, openly, in academic journals, to debate aspects of cyber war in Congress, and to educate the public and the world through mass media. Thus, this volume by the Naval Postgraduate School is an important step in improving our security as a nation."

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Strategic Insights (Spring 2011), v.10 no.1
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