Office of the Director of National Intelligence Classification Guide (ODNI CG)   [open pdf - 5MB]

This document was approved for public release by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on March 16, 2016. "The 'Office of the Director of National Intelligence Classification Guide (ODNI CG)', hereafter referred to as the 'Guide,' is ODNI's standard reference for derivative classification determinations on ODNI information. The 'Guide' implements ODNI classification policy and procedures for the use and dissemination of ODNI national security information. Based on Original Classification Authority (OCA) determinations made in accordance with ODNI Instruction No. l 0.03, 'DNI Delegation of Original Classification Authority', it will be used by all ODNI personnel for their derivative classification decisions. [...] This 'Guide' will be used to make derivative classification determinations on national security information generated by ODNI. For several topics, however, the ODNI also manages information regarding the fntelligence Community (IC) as a whole; therefore, for these topics, references to the IC in the 'remarks' column are for completeness in describing the data. It does not imply the Guide should be used to classify other IC agencies' information. Rather, it acknowledges that ODNI may generate information or policy related to the management of the IC for those topics. This OD NJ-generated information may be classified using this or other topic-specific guides, usually produced under the auspices of a proponent agency."

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