Report to the President Outlining a Strategy to Expedite Deployment of Gun Safety Technology   [open pdf - 386KB]

From the Introduction: "For more than two decades, the federal government and the private sector have grappled with a basic question of firearm engineering: Can modern technology make guns safer--or 'smarter'--without sacrificing the reliability, durability, and accuracy that owners expect from their firearms? The technology holds great promise. By incorporating electronic systems into a firearm's design, manufacturers can give gun owners greater control over how a weapon is used, both by limiting who can fire the gun ('user-authorization technology') and by making a gun easier to retrieve if it is lost or stolen ('electronic recovery technology'). As noted in the President's January 4, 2016, Memorandum on Promoting Smart Gun Technology, these innovations have the potential to reduce accidental and unauthorized firearm discharges, in turn making our country and its citizens safer. To achieve these changes, the federal government must develop a research and development strategy to expedite real-world deployment of such technology for use in practice."

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