Establishing the Intelligence Required by the Fire Department City of New York for Tactical and Strategic Decision Making   [open pdf - 394KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, numerous reports came to the same conclusion: there was an urgent need to enhance information sharing throughout the homeland security community (HSC). The report of the National Commission of the Terrorist Attacks upon the United States set forth numerous failures of information sharing that occurred throughout the HSC involving events leading up to 9/11, the attacks, and the response. The necessity of information to enable the fire service (FS) to make proper decisions is clear. Groups working on how to best provide the FS with intelligence believe that in order to assist the Intelligence Community (IC) in providing the intelligence, a specific list should be developed. This has become the goal of this thesis. In analyzing what intelligence is required by the FS, it has become apparent that there are a vast number of variables. Taking into account these variables and the dynamic environment has revealed that compiling a list of specific requirements is not practical. In lieu of a specific list, a better option would be to make available to the IC an understanding of the operations of the FS. By providing an explanation of the information that the FS utilizes to respond to emergencies, an understanding, as opposed to a stagnant list, of the intelligence needs of the FS could be established. To accomplish this, a guide for the IC could be established-a guide similar to those available to the FS explaining the IC. This guide could explain the intelligence needs of the FS at a level that is understandable and pertinent to those tasked with fulfilling them. A draft guide is included in the appendix of this thesis."

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